Rabbi Daniel K Thomson at Max Lucado’s church

Hi all. Just saw this on YouTube…

Rodney posted at א׳ בסיון ה׳תש״ע (May 14, 2010) Category: Uncategorized

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  1. #1Stephen @ ד׳ בסיון ה׳תש״ע (May 17, 2010) 06:19

    Great post–thank you!!

  2. #2Greg M @ י״ב בשבט ה׳תשע״א (January 17, 2011) 04:30

    Enjoyed that video, thanks for sharing. Just reading a book now by Clay Trumbull about ancient blood covenants, and the Rabbi’s comments tie in very nicely.

  3. #3Rodney Wilkinson @ י״א בכסלו ה׳תשע״ב (December 7, 2011) 00:06

    What a thrill to witness a Messianic Rabbi expounding the Truths of our Lord’s Supper, the Passover, the Communion, the Blood Covenant, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.