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Urgent call to the nations from Gershon Saloman, Chairman of the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement (ה׳ באדר ה׳תש״ע (February 19, 2010))

The pressures on Israel at this time that are coming from the East and the West indicate that the end-time war of the nations against the G?d and people of Israel, which was prophesied by the prophets of Israel to be the ultimate judgment upon the nations, is behind the door. The complete redemption of […]

“Seventy Weeks are determined upon your people…” (כ״ג בשבט ה׳תש״ע (February 7, 2010))

Things certainly seem to be getting very interesting in the Middle East at the moment. News out of Israel, Iran and Syria in recent days suggests that we should be watching very closely to see what develops. I think that we could be very close to seeing Daniel’s prophecy of the 70 weeks (at least […]